Greetings from the Founder,

and the President

Dennis KennedyGreetings! We are thrilled to welcome you to the first edition of our Healthcare Diversity Council Newsletter. Our hope is that you will find it a valuable resource. As we launch the Healthcare Diversity Council under the umbrella of the National Diversity Council,our purpose is to bring to light the importance of a sound business case for diversity and inclusion in the healthcare industry. We are inspired by the work of our founding board members to champion this important effort and are pleased to profile them in this inaugural edition.

Building Cultural Competence in Health Care

The face of America is becoming increasingly diverse. By 2030, today’s minorities will make up more than half of the population. Indeed,Texas, New Mexico and California already have minority majorities. And the new 2010 Census analysis shows an unprecedented shift in the nation’s racial and ethnic makeup, one that is reshaping U.S. politics, schools, and workplaces.

2013 Texas Diversity Council Healthcare Diversity Summit Statewide Tour

The Texas Diversity Council brought together the healthcare community to engage in dialog and action on diversity & leadership best practices. The theme for this year was "The Paradigm Shift to Drive Cultural Competence in Healthcare". With recent changes to our National Health Care System as well as the changing demographics in our country.There is an urgent need to understand the importance of healthcare organizations providing a culturally competent framework to serve such a diverse population.


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